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Build your own trip to Cuba

Are you a university or college study abroad director looking to add a Cuba trip for students to your catalogue?​

Are you a university or college faculty member who is looking to design a short-term study in Cuba component for a class?​

Are you a professional who would like to lead a delegation trip to Cuba for yourself and colleagues?​

Are you interested in creating an educational, religious, humanitarian or cultural trip for yourself and a group of cohorts?​

Son Dos Alas is excited to design and execute your trip to Cuba. Send us a message and we will assess how to make your trip to Cuba compliant for Office of Foreign Assets Controls (OFAC) regulations. Our initial consultations are free. Once we get a better understanding of what you would like to do in Cuba, we will create a proposal for you based on a full-time itinerary compliant with the purpose of your travel.​

We are not a tourism travel agency. We are a custom academic program travel service provider. Our academic programs consist of a wide range of opportunities including cultural, religious, and humanitarian initiatives. For our programs to be OFAC compliant we must frame your travel within a set of authorized categories which will require a full-time itinerary of activities. OFAC does not allow U.S. citizens (and those under U.S. jurisdiction) to engage in tourism or solely pleasure-seeking activities. Son Dos Alas staff will walk you through the process of creating a custom program around your interests that is OFAC compliant and provides you with the most access and authentic experience in Cuba.

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